About Us

We’ve been helping tenants find their next home since 2004. Our dedicated staff searches for rental properties 24/7 so you don’t have to! Our personalized service is designed to eliminate stress and simplify your life during the moving process. No more searching for hours every day, no more missed opportunities, and no more settling for something you don’t really want.

Canadian Home Finders.CA helps you find the right home that meets your search criteria. Our Trained staff contacts and tracks all public sites as well as affiliated property managers, private rental listing boards and newspapers on your behalf in order to help you find the perfect home at a price you can afford. Your client specified computerized vacancy list is delivered directly to your email address from the day you sign up and 3 months there after.

Because, We offer Quality tenants and FREE property listings to landlords and property owners, we offer many exclusive listings that aren’t found anyplace else!

Canadian Home Finders.CA delivers Canada wide marketing to landlords and property managers. Vacancy rates are no longer an issue when using CDN Home Finders. Our hands on service ensure top quality service to both the tenants and the Landlords.

We are full time professionals here to help you find your next home with the best mobile friendly website available in the rental market today!

Nora Staffen CEO - Nora Staffen
Since our goal is to find you the type of place you are looking for, we will provide you with a computerized list of all the properties that fill your particular needs and preferences.